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Obtaining and using license key

To run MiXCR one need a license file. MiXCR is free for academic users with no commercial funding. We are committed to support academic community and provide our software free of charge for scientists doing non-profit research.

Academic users can quickly get a license at

Commercial trial license may be requested at or by email to

The easiest way to activate the license is to run activate-license command and paste the content of the license key therein:

> mixcr activate-license

  Please enter the license: ...

Another way to activate the license is to create a file mi.license file in the one of the following directories:

  • ~/ (home directory)
  • directory with mixcr.jar file
  • directory with MiXCR executable

One also can use .mi.license name if placing this file into the home directory.

Finally, one can use environment variables:

  • MI_LICENSE env var with the content of mi.license file
  • MI_LICENSE_FILE env var with the path to mi.license file

Offline use

MiXCR requires internet access to periodically validate license key. For running MiXCR in the environment with restricted internet access, please add the following MiXCR IPs to the whitelist in the firewall settings: