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Obtaining and using license key

To run MiXCR one need a license file. MiXCR is free for academic users with no commercial funding. We are committed to support academic community and provide our software free of charge for scientists doing non-profit research.

Academic users can quickly get a license at

Commercial trial license may be requested at or by email to

The easiest way to activate the license is to run activate-license command and paste the content of the license key therein:

> mixcr activate-license

  Please enter the license: ...

Another way to activate the license is to put mi.license file in the one of the following directories:

  • ~/.mi.license
  • ~/mi.license
  • directory with mixcr.jar file
  • directory with MiXCR executable

Finally, one can use environment variables:

  • MI_LICENSE env var with the content of mi.license file
  • MI_LICENSE_FILE env var with the path to mi.license file