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mixcr groupClones

Groups clones in .clna/.clns files by Cell tags. Grouped clones can be exported using mixcr exportCloneGroups.

mixcr exportClonesOverlap 
    [--report <path>] 
    [--json-report <path>] 
Path to input file.
Path where to write output. Will have the same file type.
-r, --report <path>
Report file (human-readable version, see -j / --json-report for machine readable report).
-j, --json-report <path>
JSON formatted report file.
Put temporary files in the same folder as the output files.
-f, --force-overwrite
Force overwrite of output file(s).
-nw, --no-warnings
Suppress all warning messages.
Verbose messages.
-h, --help
Show this help message and exit.